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5 Tasty Food Souvenirs from Trinidad & Tobago

Don’t even think about buying a dusty I ♥ Trinidad mug or “Tobago Time” t-shirt that was probably made in China as  souvenirs for friends and family back home.  Check out five of our favourite gifts that showcase T&T’s culinary strengths:

Gina's Chocolate Truffles Trinidad

Courtesy, Gina’s Chocolate Truffles

1.  Gina’s Chocolate Truffles – Stow these terrific truffles in your luggage for chocoholic friends or family.  Handmade from dark chocolate produced from T&T’s highly-prized local cacao, Gina’s truffles are available in multiple flavors including Trini Truffle (laced with Trinidadian rum & roasted almonds, tossed in toasted coconut); Mucho Mocha (with finely ground Trinidadian coffee, rolled in white chocolate & cinnamon); Death by Chocolate (flavoured with Scotch Whisky & double cream, rolled in pure cocoa powder); and Ooh La La (with cranberries & black currants soaked in Apricot Brandy, rolled in pink powdered sugar).  Trinidad Retailers: Malabar Farms Gourmet Shop (Maraval), Be Free Foods (St. James), Petit Gourmet (Port of Spain), Dianne’s Tea Shop (Maraval), Naughty Grape (Port of Spain), Stechers Fine Gift Stores (Six mall locations including West Mall and Duty Free stores at Piarco International Airport).

2.  Curry, Callaloo & Calypso Cookbook  Wendy Rahamut’s latest cookbook is an ode to T&T most beloved dishes like Callaloo Soup, Buljol, Chinese Pepper Shrimp, Chicken Pelau, Cassava Dumplings, Bhagi Rice and Coconut Pone. Pick up a copy for great recipes and tidbits on Trinidad and Tobago’s culinary traditions.  Trinidad & Tobago Retailers: Nigel Khan Booksellers shop or other local bookstores.

3.  Cocoa Tea from Exotic Caribbean Mountain Pride – Made from local beans, cocoa tea is a great food souvenir because it’s inexpensive and compact.  We really like gifting it to family and friends in Europe and the U.S. during the winter.  Cocoa tea is easy to find in Trinidad & Tobago at gift shops, supermarkets, souvenir shops at the malls, airport convenience stores, etc.

4. Angostura 1919 or 1824 Rum Grab two of the world’s finest rums, which are made right here in Trinidad (we’re partial to the Angostura 1919).  The best prices for these award-winning rums seem to be at Piarco Intl. Airport’s duty free shop or visit the Angostura retail store at the factory in Laventille, Trinidad.  Also available at stores selling wine and spirits throughout Trinidad and Tobago. 

5.  Pepper Sauces of Trinidad & Tobago – With the world’s hottest pepper (the Moruga Scorpion), not surprisingly Trinbagonians excel at making pepper sauces.  Choose from locally-crafted pepper sauces like Bertie’s Pepper Sauce in Trinidad or pick up a housemade sauce from Shore Things Cafe & Craft in Tobago.  Click here for our list of pepper sauces made here in Trinidad and Tobago.

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