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Ed’s 5 Must-Try Foods in Trinidad (and where to find them)

Must Try Foods Trinidad Tobago

Ed’s Must Try Foods in Trinidad

We asked our Facebook TriniChow fans for five foods that visitors to Trinidad & Tobago must try.

Tons of suggestions from agouti to zaboca were proffered, with doubles, roti and shark & bake repeatedly mentioned.

One answer from Crate Foods’ co-founder, Ed Inglefield really stood out. (CRATE FOODS is a fantastic local company specializing in pepper sauces, chutneys, jams and other condiments.)

Obviously passionate about food, Ed waxed so poetic in his answer (especially for Uncle Sam’s bakes), we just had to share his top five must-try foods (in his own words):

#1  DOUBLES: From the guy next to the NP gas station on Curepe Main Road.  The kitchen is right there (think it’s a green building) and you can see them making the bara and channa!

#2  ROTI: Hot Roti in the Savannah food area, usually out after 5pm. This is the best roti skin you;ll ever eat. Ask for everything – mango, kuchela and pepper!

#3  BAKE & SHARK: Forget Richard’s, too much line and standing up in hot sun!!!  Uncle Sam’s is far better in all aspects!  From the bake, to the shark, to the condiments, his bakes are light, crisp and airy, serving as the perfect vessel to fill with all the fantastic sides.

#4  BLACK PUDDING: Guy named “Natty” off the Freeport flyover in the evenings, best I’ve ever had. Natty rears his own pigs, farms his own herbs, packs and stuffs his casings all in-house. If that’s too far for you, Charlie’s on Tragarete Road is a close second.

#5  The fifth must-try food is a toss up between CURRY DUCK or STEWED CHICKEN (we have a very unique stewing technique in Trinidad – burning the sugar, etc.), and a good serving of PROVISIONS (there are countless varieties of provisions in Trinidad & Tobago and they don’t get enough attention!)

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