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10 Great Foodie Events in Trinidad: April-May 2012

Tea Festival Trinidad

Courtesy, EASTT

Saturday April 28, 9am-4pm, GOURMET MARKET, Preysal Community Center (Couva, Trinidad), Gourmet Market by XE. South Trinidad’s foodie bonanza with “wine & cheese, desserts…pickled delights and salad greens, the nutmeg lady and the thai fried rice.” Link to Gourmet Market event page on FacebookFREE.

Sunday, April 29, 11am-2pm, EAST ASIAN TEA FESTIVAL, NAPA’s Restaurant Area (Port of Spain, Trinidad). Sponsored by the East Asia Society of Trinidad and Tobago (EASTT), the festival menu includes Tom Kum Kong Soup, Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls, Vermicelli Fish Balls, Su Mai, Shark Fin Dumplings, Har Kow, Fish Cake, Shrimp Seaweed Roll, Korean BBQ Chicken, Lychee Ice Cream and Jackfruit Ice Cream. Vegetarian options include Su Mai, Batter Fried Pumpkin, Sesame Balls, Butter Fried Egg Plant, Stuffed Tofu and Chinese Spring Rolls. “The festival will also feature Authentic Tea Ceremony Performances and other live entertainment, Sampling of Exotic Teas, and Teas and Wares for sale.” Link to Tea Festival event page on FacebookCost: $250 per person.

May 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 29th, 6pm-8:30pm, FRENCH COOKING WITH RACHEL BRYDEN, Fanatic Kitchen Studio (Woodbrook, Trinidad). “Four weeks of Hands-On and Demo sessions and week 5 is celebration week where each participant creates one dish from the course and everyone enjoys a fun evening together with a glass of wine. May 2nd Appetisers: Olive & Parmesan Cake, Chicken Liver Pate; May 9th Soups: Hot and Cold; May 16th Main Courses: Beef, Chicken & Fish; May 23rd Desserts: Tart Tatin, Profiteroles & Crème Brulee;  May 29th: Celebration dinner and each team creates one dish from the course and enjoys after with a glass of wine.” Cost: $2,000 entire course or $550 per class.

Wednesdays, May 2nd – May 23rd, 10am-1pm.  COOKING CLASSESFanatic Kitchen Studio (Woodbrook, Trinidad). “Let’s not waste any valuable time. So get Fanatic! Enjoy interactive cooking while you learn from the best in convenient daytime workshops.” May 2nd: Creative Local Dishes; May 9th: Creative Local Dishes; May 16th: Creative Cocktail Food; May 23rd: Bread & Desserts. Cost: $1,600 for all classes or $450 per session.

SATURDAY, MAY 5, 9:30am-3pm, UPMARKET!!! Woodbrook Youth Facility (Woodbrook, Trinidad). Trinidad’s premier foodie market with organic produce and fantastic food finds like Nice n Spicy’s Spicy Smoked Herring, Crate Foods‘ Tamarind Beni BBQ Sauce, and cookies from First Batch: Home-made from ScratchFREE.

Saturday, May 5, 5pm-9pm, ROTARIANS CAN DISH IT OUT 2Angostura Food Court (Laventille, Trinidad). Sponsored by Rotary Club of Maracas/St. Joseph, this fundraising cooking competition promises a multi-course dinner feast that includes desserts and beverages. Contact (868) 682-1742 or (868) 683-6103 to purchase tickets. $

Wednesday, May 9, FOOD SOCIAL with Association TANDEMLa Casa de Ibiza Lounge (Woodbrook, Trinidad).  “The food social will feature treats from Slow Food Trinidad and Tobago, a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to preserve indigenous food and agriculture and spread taste culture among other things. There will be a selection of light sweet and savoury items and one complimentary drink for the price of TT$80 but places are limited so call and purchase your ticket early!”

Friday, May 18, KITCHEN LIMEFanatic Kitchen Studio (Woodbrook, Trinidad).  This fun foodie lime promises “small plates and canapes and cocktails.” Cost: $500 per person.

Saturday May 26, 9am-4pm, GOURMET MARKETPreysal Community Center (Couva, Trinidad), Gourmet Market by XE.  Link to Gourmet Market event page on FacebookFREE.

Saturday, May 26, 2pm-5pm, AFRICAN COOKING CLASSYWCA (Port of Spain, Trinidad). “Come join the YWCA as we explore the art of Afrikan cooking. The Traditional Afrikan Women’s Organization will be at the Port of Spain YWCA for a series of three cooking class starting May 26th from 2 pm to 5 pm. The first class in the series will focus on Nigeria and Orisha food. The recipes will be supplied along with all of the utensils required to make the dish.  All participants are asked to bring along a notebook for taking notes, an apron and a small container for the tasting. Contact the YWCA at (868) 622-2278.”

Links to more information on Trinidad’s Cooking & Baking Classes and Food Festivals & Culinary Events in Trinidad & Tobago.

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  1. I love the concept of your website. Especially for a place like Trinidad where the act of marketing and publicity seems to take the forum of “who yuh know.” Hence, for that reason your website is a great marketing medium for the travelled who are looking to engross themselves in something more; something different; something other than sand, sea and rum. However, you do yourself a great dis-service and fall into the stereotype of Trini inefficiency thus disappointing that hungry, adventurous traveller or Trini when you fail to update your page and all the events you have listed. More importantly the credibility of your site is erroded and the benefits you can ultimately create to this micro ecomomy are either never realised or never fully experienced. So I humbly request; can you please do your due diligence and fulfill the responsiblity you accepted when you started this service by timely updating your website? Thank you in advance.


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