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T&T Top 6: PIZZA Spots

Pizza Trinidad Tobago

Pizzas in Trinidad & Tobago

1.  CHOP CHOPS BISTRO (Port of Spain, Trinidad) – With its high quality ingredients and perfect thin crust, CHOP CHOPS is our favourite spot for gourmet pizza in Trinidad!  (We’re partial to thin crust pizzas.)  Don’t miss the Super Mushroom pizza made with a creamy white sauce and insanely fresh mushrooms. (Check out Chop Chops’ special pizza deal – $49 for cheese pizzas and pepperoni pizzas are $59 (VAT inclusive), Monday-Friday, 2pm-5pm.)  Link to all Chop Chop pictures.

2.  BACCO PIZZERIA ITALIANA (Duncan Village, San Fernando, Trinidad)Opened in San Fernando in December 2012, BACCO is fantastic news for hungry bellies in South.  The authentic Italian pizza served here is top notch and there’s a daily small plates menu featuring dishes like a salmon tartare topped with caviar and pumpkin shrimp soup.

3.  BUZO OSTERIA ITALIANA (Port of Spain, Trinidad) – This popular restaurant is another place to score excellent Italian-style pizza in Trinidad.  The sauce is housemade and the pizza options range from a simple Margherita to the Crudaiola, a white pizza with buffalo mozzarella, shaved parma, prosciutto, fresh basil and arugula. Dine in to fully experience BUZO’s beautiful ambiance (and our favourite dessert, the Affogato al Caffe).  Link to all BUZO pictures.

4.  LA CANTINA PIZZERIA (Store Bay, Tobago and Port of Spain, Trinidad) – La Cantina is a favourite of Trinbagonians and tourists for good reason.  Italian pizzaiolos and wood burning ovens in both locations are the two biggest clues that you’re in for a great pizza. We really like the Greca pizza (fresh tomatoes, local Tobago feta, tomato sauce and mozzarella) and the Haway (pineapple, ham, tomato sauce and mozzarella).  Link to La Cantina Pizzeria Tobago pictures and Link to La Cantina Pizzeria Trinidad pictures.

5.  CIAO PIZZA (Scarborough, Tobago) – Perfect for those in town or visitors who have just stepped off the boat. CIAO PIZZA promises “a taste of Italy in the heart of Tobago” and also sports an Italian pizzaiolo and brick oven. The pizza dough is made from organic flour and you can choose from toppings like prosciutto, eggplant, shrimp, fresh tomatoes, pineapple, ham, artichokes and anchovies.  Link to all Ciao Pizza pictures and menu.

6.  SHORE THINGS CAFE & CRAFT (Lambeau, Tobago) – The menu at this seaside spot features a delightful housemade mini-pizza with a crunchy whole wheat crust and marinara sauce with veggie goodies shredded carrots. Pair it with a Garden Salad and fresh juice to make a complete lunch!

HONORARY MENTION goes to the beloved MARIO’S, which was the first retail introduction to pizza for many Trinidadians. If you want Trini-style pizza with loads of toppings and local “fixins” like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise or even garlic sauce, MARIO’S is the answer. Plus we love all the great deals and coupons they offer customers!

Is your favourite pizza place on the list?  Tell us in the comments below or at

Updated February 2013 – We’ve tried KAVA and really like their brick oven pizzas and have heard positive buzz about Emiliana Osteria Italiana‘s pizzas.

13 thoughts on “T&T Top 6: PIZZA Spots

    • Peter, at the time of my writing last year, I had not yet tasted Kava’s pizza. After having had it several times, I can say now with supreme confidence, that Kava is hands down the best pizza in Trinidad and Tobago. Try their lamb pizza with pesto. Magnifico!


  1. I don’t know about La Cantina or Buzo’s. I’ve been to La Cantina 3 times and Buzo twice.
    Please note I am a vegetarian, so my experience may not be the same as others.

    La Cantina: First time, was alright, I ordered the Funghi pizza. I have no complaints despite the canned mushrooms, but nothing special. The second and third the crust was dry and hard and the sauce was sour. Also, I’m not a fan of any place calling itself authentic Italian and is using canned mushrooms as a topping, with no option for fresh mushrooms.
    Buzo Osteria: Buzo’s pasta, is awesome. I seriously recommend it. It is freshly made and it’s makes a huge difference. And they use real mushrooms! However, I am no fan of the pizza. The 3 cheese pizza tasted like bread and cheese (no exaggeration) and the calzone, was dry and tasteless.


  2. I have Joe’s all the time (probably too often!) from the St. Augustine branch. Definitely my go-to pizza any day. I agree with Roger above that Chop Chops lacked the wow that i get from La Cantina or Joe’s. I had the salmon and one of the grape pizzas and it was just okish…Bacco is next on my list 🙂


  3. Mario’s definitely for the Trini pizza, after all they have smoke herring pizza. But Pricesmart’s combo pizza is huge and at a good price. Of course it tastes great too.


  4. I highly recommend to take a drive to centre city mall in chaguanas and there is a small retail shop called Don Vittorio where you will find classical napolitan style pizza with 100% mozzarella cheese, stoned baked and with a very nice sesoned thin crust! you will be amazed and this list would feel jeopardized by the quality of these pizza.


    • also want to highlight that the napoli sauce used for Don Vittorio is 100% homemade from scratch, No tomato paste, and with always the freshest italian basil.


  5. BTW, the answer to the question is focaccia col formaggio, focaccia barese, focaccia with onion and focaccia with rosemary! Soooo, when can I go to collect my 2 pizzas?


  6. As far as I’m aware, the St James location (a franchise) moved to the location near Long Circular Mall. In any event, you’ve got to be kidding with the ‘bigging up’ of the St James location. Talk about oil!The best Joe’s pizza in the country at present, is a toss up between the Chaguaramas and Tacarigua locations. They’re both excellent. I will however, give the edge to Chag. It’s actually my top pick. You guys also should consider Trader’s Jack pizzas. Actually pretty awesome stuff!

    As for your top picks…Chop Chops makes a decent pizza but it always seems to lack that ‘scrumptuous’ or ‘wow’ factor for me. I’ll give Buzo the win over them any day of the week. Mario’s does indeed deserve honorable mention. They’re certainly the most improved pizza in T & T. Their latest mozzarella additions to the line up are worthy of mention here. I do however feel that they made an error in offering these with white sauce instead of the red sauce. However, having said that, I feel that any pizza where one feels compelled to add ketchup, something is fundamentally wrong with the pizza sauce itself! They certainly need to revisit this and make it more full bodied, picante and flavorful. In that way, the seeming neccessity to add ketchup will be effectively eliminated and if you still elect to do so, you would run the risk of ruining the pizza. That’s how important the sauce is!


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