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Trinidad & Tobago’s Tastiest Pepper Sauces

Pepper Sauces Trinidad & Tobago

Here are six of our favourite pepper sauces made (and sold) right here in Trinidad and Tobago by restaurants and local food artisans. (TriniChow readers also suggested you try the pepper sauces at Kam WahRoyal Castle, Adam’s Bagels, The Shanghai Experience and Martin’s on Woodford Street, along with Aji Chilli Pepper SauceBertie’s Pepper Sauce and Hott Source Pepper Sauces.)

Crate Foods’ Roasted Garlic & Papaya Pepper Sauce – It’s pepper sauce with a personality!  Use a few dashes in soups like this one or on try it on the side with fish.  We actually bring little samples of this sauce to restaurants with us!  (Order directly from Crate Foods,, or find them at the monthly UpMarket in Trinidad.)

Shore Things Cafe & Craft’s Homemade Pepper Sauce – Blend this sauce into mayo to give your sandwich a spicy kick or try it as a dip with buffalo wings or chicken tenders.  (Purchase directly from Shore Things Cafe & Craft in Lambeau, Tobago.)

Perfect Peppers’ Perfect Pimento Peppers –Not actually a sauce, but it made our hot list because they’re spicy pickled peppers (and we love all things pickled)!  Try them on sandwiches that involve melted cheese like this yummy burger.  (We found our Perfect Peppers at the monthly UpMarket in Trinidad.)

Lilli Belle’s Pepper Sauce – Use this versatile sauce table side or to jazz up a red bean soup, or even blend it into homemade hamburgers for a kick. (Several local T&T supermarkets carry Lilli Belle’s products and they’re also available at, a local online retailer of artisan goodies made here in Trinidad & Tobago.)

Crate Foods’ Shadon Beni Pepper Sauce – See the small sample jar with the GO LOCAL sticker in the picture?  Buy this sauce and mix a little into your marinades for fish or chicken.  (Order directly from Crate Foods,, or find them at the monthly UpMarket in Trinidad.)

Buzo Osteria Italiana’s Spicy Italian Pepper Sauce – This Italian-style pepper sauce is from one of Trinidad’s hottest restaurants and tastes great in pasta sauces. (Purchase directly from Buzo Osteria Italiana in Port of Spain, Trinidad.)

Update – We just had to add this pepper sauce recipe to this post because although there are tons of pepper sauce recipes out there, this one has the best name we’ve ever seen — Geedem Fire!

Check out all the additional pepper sauce suggestions of TriniChow readers here on Facebook.

Did we miss any?  Tell us HERE or in the comments below which sauces (or recipes) should to be added to the HOT list!

3 thoughts on “Trinidad & Tobago’s Tastiest Pepper Sauces

  1. I go to Tobago regularly, Lilli Belle “gourmet style” hot pepper sauce is only found there and nowhere else! I certainly know of a big market in the UK so many people I know love it!!!!!! SHIP IT HERE PLEASE, there’s a damn good market in the UK!!!! 😀


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