Food Makers

6 Tasty Treats from UpMarket

UpMarket Trinidad

UpMarket is the place for artisan foods made right here in Trinidad & Tobago!

Here are six of our favourite purchases from the March UpMarket:

  • Spicy Smoked Herring from Nice N’ Spicy: Excellent with a bagel & cream cheese or as topping for scrambled eggs.
  • Golden Apple Chutney from Crate Foods: Try it as a topping for grilled fish or chicken and mix it into coleslaw.
  • Basil, Mint & Caper Pesto from Del Mano: A perfect companion for bread or crackers or it can be mixed with cream to make pasta sauce, or used as a base for salad dressing.
  • Perfect Pimento Peppers from Perfect Peppers: These peppers look like a perfect match for a burger.
  • Buffalo Wing Sauce from Ambrosia by Christine: Use it to baste chicken wings or as a dipping sauce for homemade fish nuggets or chicken tenders.
  • Apple & Carrot Chutney (infused with ginger) from Sumptuously Orgasmic Chutney: First time purchase and we can’t wait to try it!

The salad bowl pictured was also purchased at UpMarket from Phillip Arthur Woodwork (several products from this line are also available from, a local online retailer of artisan products made here in Trinidad & Tobago.)

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