International / Italian / Open on Sundays / Tobago / Vegetarian/Vegan Options


Situated in Lowlands, CAFFE MIA offers Italian pasta dishes, sandwiches, soups and housemade desserts, along with a taste of England with its British-style Sunday roast.

We stopped in to partake in this English traditional Sunday meal of roasted lamb, beef, pork or chicken with all the trimmings. A few minutes into CAFFE MIA’s golden half-roast chicken and roasted lamb, we became devotees of the Sunday roast — perfect plates that score extra points for being balanced meals. Each roast was served with tons of gravy, soft puffy Yorkshire Puddings (to soak up the gravy), amazingly toasty soft potatoes, cauliflower with cheese, crunchy carrots and a spicy red cabbage. (The lamb also came with a lovely mint sauce.)

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Dessert wasn’t an option because we were too stuffed, so we had to-go scoops of the coconut and wine raisin gelato sourced from Ciao Cafe in Scarborough, Tobago. CAFFE MIA also has a full coffee bar (always a plus in Tobago), soft drinks, juices and an international beer selection including Stella Artois, Hoegaarden and Leffe Blond.

Cuisine – Italian; British/English; International

Serving/Hours – Lunch & Dinner: Tuesday – Wednesday: 3pm – 10pm; Friday – Saturday: 10am – 10pm; Sunday: 1pm – 10pm

Features – Full service; Full bar; Sunday Roast (1pm – 9pm)!

Address/Phone/Facebook/Email # 4 Hibiscus Drive (Hampden), Lowlands, Tobago; (868) 683-6909; Caffe Mia’s Facebook Page;

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