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Launched by two trained chefs, CRATE FOODS makes divine dressings, chutneys and sauces from mostly local ingredients.

We were lucky enough to sample their products at the February 2012 UpMarket — Sweet n’ Spicy BBQ Sauce; Balsamic Dressing; Roasted Garlic & Papaya Pepper Sauce; a flavourful Green Season-All (it’s like a gourmet green seasoning); Shadon Beni Pepper Sauce; and our favourite, a superb Golden Apple Chutney.  CRATE FOODS also offers a Tamarind BBQ Beni Sauce.

Good to Know – “All bottled items are 100% vegan and gluten-free!”

Phone/Website/Email – (868) 483-1944; CRATE FOODS’ Facebook

Retail Outlets – Products can be ordered directly from Crate Foods and are also available at the monthly UpMarket.

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