Recipes from Trinidad & Tobago’s Star Chefs & Restaurateurs

Chef Recipes Trinidad & Tobago

Courtesy, TDC

We just stumbled on this booklet A Taste of Trinidad & Tobago Gourmet Style with recipes from local chefs and restaurateurs (the booklet was published a few years ago by the Tourism Development Company).

The recipes include local classics with a twist and international dishes.  We can’t wait to try our hand with a few of them:

  • Chicken Satay (Soong’s Great Wall Restaurant & Lounge)
  • Callaloo & Curried Pumpkin Soup (Khalid Mohammed)
  • Cajun Lobster (Shelly Cofoni, Plantation House)
  • Pot Roast of Cornish Hen (Khalid Mohammed)
  • Grilled Duck Breasts with Passion Fruit & Pink Peppercorn Sauce (Nicole Seecharan, Chaconia Inn)
  • Breast of Chicken Santa Rosa (Moses Reuben, Melange)
  • Shrimp in Curried White Wine (Cliff Ross, MeShells)
  • Stuffed Melogene Fritters in Batter with Pineapple & Raisin Salsa (Veni Mange)
  • West Indian Style Three Pepper Shrimp (Nicholas Hardwicke, Seahorse Inn Restaurant & Bar)
  • Curry Crab & Dumplings (Ms. Alma, Ms. Alma’s Local Dishes)

Click HERE to view and download your copy (PDF file) from the Tourism Development Company’s website.

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