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UpMarket (Trinidad): Saturday, Dec.10

UpMarket December Trinidad

Courtesy, UpMarket

There are less than 20 days until Christmas!

Thankfully, Trinidad has one more UpMarket for 2011 on Saturday, December 10th from 9:30am to 2:30pm at the Woodbrook Youth Facility (directions are below).

UpMarket is the ideal spot for holiday shopping with unique handmade jewelry, art and crafts, and the market’s foodie gifts are sure to delight your family and friends.  Arrive early and give yourself enough time to walk around, browse and chat, sample the food treats, and of course, buy, buy, buy!

Here are a few tasty holiday gifts at this market that we can’t wait to get our hands on:

  • PERFECT PEPPERS: Help a friend spice up a meal with a gift from this new line of pepper-based products like Pepper Tamarind Salsa and Perfect Pepper Chow.
  • TEA-LICIOUS: Gift a loved one or a co-worker with a few teas from Tea-licious’ new gourmet line along with a beautiful tea set and tea accessories. (Tea-licious will also be offering ice tea samples at the market.)
  • ELICE MUNOZ’S Caribbean Rum Cakes: Save one of these cakes for yourself!  Pair up this this cake with a pot of Tea-licious Masala Chai Tea.

  • SUMPTUOUSLY ORGASMIC TOMATO CHUTNEY: Make a loved one blush and tantalize their taste buds with Tomato Chutney and Apple & Carrot Chutney.
  • DEL MANO PESTO: Use these Trini-style pestos for breakfast (in scrambled eggs), lunch (substitute pesto for your sandwich’s mayonnaise) and dinner (pasta tossed with pesto or rack of lamb marinated in the Shadon Beni Pesto and then grilled…totally delicious)

As always, there will be prepared foods like pastelles, mini-pizza, pows, cookies and cupcakes with lots of special holiday treats.  Look out for the red velvet cupcakes with sorrel jam, topped with sorrel buttercream and a drizzle of sorrel syrup; Little Slice of Heaven‘s Christmas Fruit Cakes and gingerbread cookiesBaccalitos, the sweet and savory cod fish pastelles; and, Sonia’s Garlic Pork in quick and easy frozen pre-cooked packs.

Other vendors will offer artisan cheeses, yogurts and ice creambreads, desserts, meats, seafood, and farm fresh fruits and vegetables.  VEGA BOYZ will be offering its newest sorbet, a Paw Paw Sorbet.

WHAT TO BRING: Cash preferably in small bills; Reusable Bags (much sturdier than standard issue plastic bags from vendors); Shopping Cart to avoid carrying all the bagsCooler for any frozen items and other items that need to be kept cold.

DIRECTIONS:  Woodbrook Youth Facility is on Hamilton Holder Street, “which runs behind the Jean Pierre Complex.  If you are heading into town on the Foreshore, it’s the next traffic light after the stadium.  Make a right and then you cannot miss it on your left, a big blue wall.  It is a one way street.”

Message from UpMarket and Macaroni Kid Trinidad about December’s market:  “UpMarket and Macaroni Kid will be collaborating…to bring some Christmas cheer to kids who would so appreciate getting a gift for Christmas.  Please join us in this effort by bringing a gift for a child to the 10th December market.  Macaroni Kid helpers will be there to receive and wrap it.”


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