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Trinidad’s DOLCE VALLE DAIRY is a local company making traditional Italian cheeses and pure cream yogurt.  And, these are food products with a sense of place, produced from the milk of cows grazing in the lush fields of Grande Riviere, Trinidad.  (Click here for our picture gallery of Trinidad & Tobago’s local dairy products.)

Dolce Valle handcrafted cheeses include well-known varieties – Mozzarella, and Ricotta – along with cheeses that are new to us like the Caciotta Aurora and Restaginato (Aged).  In addition, the dairy makes several cheeses that incorporate spices and Dolce Valle farm-grown herbs, like the Caciotta Nutmeg, Rosemary and Pepper cheeses.

The company also sells fresh milk (Latte) and plans to introduce fruit yogurts made with local fruits from the farm like pineapple, guava and soursop.

Dolce Valle cheeses are used at several restaurants in Trinidad, including BUZO OSTERIA ITALIANA, CHAUD, JAFFA AT THE OVAL, and BACCO PIZZERIA ITALIANA.

Address/Email/Website – Dolce Valle Dairy, Grande Riviere, Trinidad;; Dolce Valle Website.

Retail Outlets – Order directly from Dolce Valle; Also available at All Italian Fine Wine & FoodsNew Earth Organic EnterprisesMalabar Farms; The Happy GourmetPetit Gourmet; Gourmet Life and occasionally at UpMarket.

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10 thoughts on “DOLCE VALLE DAIRY (Trinidad)

  1. Hello

    I’m interested in getting a contact number for Dolce Valle Dairy.

    I would like to bring my form five students on a field trip if possible.

    I can b reached at 868 722 3238


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  3. To Dolce Valle,

    Piero thank you very much for the yogurt! It was very, very tasty! Smooth and creamy… I have ages to eat yogurt so good! The same for mozzarella!
    You have to be sure I will ask for more!

    Best regards,


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