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Exotic Caribbean Mountain Pride (Trinidad)

EXOTIC CARIBBEAN MOUNTAIN PRIDE makes traditional drinking chocolate from Trinidad’s finest cocoa.

Exotic Caribbean Mountain Pride - Trinidad ChocolateCrafted from 99% pure cacao, the original drinking chocolate is infused with ground spices, nutmeg, cloves, bay leaf and orange peel.  One sip and it conjures up vivid memories of enjoying hot cocoa ‘tea’ on a rainy day or weekend morning.

The company also offers five other drinking chocolate flavours — mint, lemon grass, ginger, chilli and orange and under the direction of the owner, Astrida Saunders, the company has expanded into chocolate liqueurs.

Cold treats are also available — a Chocolate Ice Cream and Rum-Chocolate Ice Cream from Exotic Caribbean Mountain Pride.

Retail Outlets – Exotic Caribbean Mountain Pride products are sold in supermarkets, souvenir and specialty shops throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

Website/Email/Phone # – Facebook; (868) 795-5732

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One thought on “Exotic Caribbean Mountain Pride (Trinidad)

  1. the cocoa is tasty however it has maybe a flour taste to it, maybe they used flour to bond the product so it is too much and it take away from the true flavor


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