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TASTY Photos, Video & Media Coverage: 2011 Taste T&T

The 2011 Taste T&T International Culinary Festival was this past weekend!

Taste T&T guests raved about the delicious local food and the “gourmet” tastings from Trinidad’s leading caterers and restaurants (guests seemed to really enjoy the food from HONG KONG GRAFFITI in Port of Spain).

Young Culinarians Competition, 2011 Taste T&T

Young Culinarians Competition (BITTT Blog)

The winners of Taste T&T’s Young Culinarians Competition ($6,000 prize!) were Andre Church and Donnelle Melville from the team Flames and Flavours, representing the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute.  Church and Melville triumphed over the Sensational Chefs team — Eden Augustus-Su and Yzanne Williams from the Tobago Hospitality & Tourism Institute (THTI).  Iron Chef Jose Garces and local chef and culinary icon, Debra Sardinha-Metivier, were two of the main judges for the competition.

Here’s our first roundup  of the newspaper, photo and video coverage for the 2011 Taste T&T (we’ll keep adding coverage as we find it):

Be sure to check out Bring It to the Table‘s great videos devoted to 2011 Taste T&T (links are below):

ThumbnailBITTTT – Jose Garces

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