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Tobago’s Awesome 2011 World Food Day: Oct 19-20!

A few weeks ago, we decided on a whim to check out Tobago’s annual World Food Day exhibition (Oct. 19-20), and what a foodie coup it turned out to be!

Farmers from the island’s eight agricultural districts displayed their best local fruits, vegetables, poultry and livestock, while individual villagers represented in the competition tents with deliciacies like yam mock fish, cassava fruitcake, dasheen wine and breadfruit cake.

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The exhibition’s set up worked really well — booths with prepared hot foods, bread, desserts and beverages stood at the entrance and a few steps later was the “farming village,” a bounty of Tobago’s food at its best, beautifully presented as if the fruits and vegetables were just picked.

The sweetest highlight was the Tobago Cocoa Farmers Association (TCFA) booth, which was packed with cocoa plants, farm implements and displays of Tobago’s cocoa varieties.  Dark (70%) chocolate bars crafted from local beans were on sale and the chocolatier himself, Clement Bobb was there to discuss chocolate production in Tobago.  We were surprised to learn that Tobago has cocoa estates in Arnos Vale, Louis d’Or, Morne d’Or, Indian Walk, Anse Formi and Speyside.

An associate TCFA organization – the Tobago Cottage Foods Industry Association – also was there showcasing juices, wines, cocoa balls and other food made from produce grown on cocoa farms.

Sponsored by THA’s Division of Agriculture, Marine Affairs, Marketing & Environment, this well-organized exhibition is a perfect for tourists and locals with informative booths celebrating the island’s agriculture, delicious local dishes and foods and live entertainment in the evening.

TIPS – Wear comfortable shoes so you can make a few trips around Tobago’s World Food Day exhibition loop; Bring reusable, sturdy bags, especially if you plan to purchase plants; Attend the exhibition during the day (well before work and school ends) to beat the crowds.


NOTE – The 2011 World Food Day theme was “FOOD PRICES – FROM CRISIS TO STABILITY.” Visit the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for more information on World Food Day.

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