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PICTURES 2011 Blue Food Festival (Tobago): Dasheen Everywhere!

Link to information on the 2012 BLUE FOOD FESTIVAL!

The 2011 Blue Food Festival was held today (October 16) in Tobago, and the dasheen dishes stole the show from the rain!  The rain (and late start) proved to be a bit of challenge, but now we know what to do next year.

TIPS FOR NEXT YEAR: Arrive after the advertised 9am start time (we arrived at 10am and because of rain delays they were still setting up at 11am); Wear rain boots or water proof/mud-friendly shoes; Bring an umbrella (October is still rainy season); Bring your own chair; Be prepared to park your car at the village entrance and take a shuttle to the festival location.

Now to the blue food, check out our pictures of the festival sights and glorious foods made from dasheen:

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