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 Salsa Kitchen Tobago

Salsa Shrimp at Salsa Kitchen (Tobago)

SALSA KITCHEN offers up a unique menu in Tobago — Caribbean-inspired tapas, which translate into small plates with great tastes.

We’re talking well-executed small plates like the Seafood Ajillo – shrimp, squid & fish in garlic & parsley; Minted Pork – strips of sizzling pork in a sweet & spicy mint sauce; Lamb Caribbean – grilled saddle of lamb in a tamarind sauce w/tomato choka; and the Dos Quesos – aromatic Tobago feta cheese and creamy mozzarella w/an onion & olive confit.

Highlights of the evening included Salsa Kitchen’s Caprese Salad – tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and olive oil, but the restaurant’s description undersells this salad.  The tomatoes were juicy and firm while the slices of fresh buffalo mozzarella practically melt in your mouth, and the “basil & olive oil” turned out to be a piquant basil dressing, the perfect complement to the tomatoes and cheese.

The Eggplant Mozzarella also was a bona fide hit at our table. With this dish, ho-hum eggplant parmesan is deconstructed and transformed.  At Salsa Kitchen, the eggplant is sliced and roasted, while grilled red onions, sweet peppers, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese are layered between the eggplant slices.  The amazing thing is that every vegetable manages to stand tall in this dish.

The next plate was the Lamb Caribbean where the most succulent cut of lamb – the saddle – was grilled and served with a tangy tamarind sauce and a side of tomato choka.

Salsa Kitchen also serves fresh salads and specialty pizzas (housemade dough and sauces) are also available.  The pizza menu includes a Four-Cheese Pizza of blue, local feta, Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses and a Pizto Pizza made with a pesto sauce.

Be sure to order the tawa(h)-prepared Garlic Flatbread drizzled with butter, garlic and sea salt. It’s perfect for sopping up the coconut curry sauce of the Lobster & Scallops and the Lamb Caribbean’s tamarind sauce.  We can’t wait to return and sample the specialty pizzas; the Tenderloin Piquante – spicy beef in the best sauce; the Shrimp Salsa – hot and spicy shrimp in a chili garlic sauce; and the Pistou Calamari – calamari sautéed in pesto.


What We (3 People) Paid: $676.50 (including VAT & service charge) for Dinner  Lamb Caribbean, Lobster & Scallops in a Coconut Curry Sauce, Lime Fish, Eggplant Mozzarella, Small Spanish Salad, Small Caprese Salad, Garlic Flatbread, along with half carafe of house white wine and a bottle of water.

Cuisine – International

Serving/Hours – Dinner only, Tuesday – Sunday, Reservations are accepted starting at 6pm

Features/Good to Know – Full service; Full bar; Outdoor (covered) seating available; Reservations are essential; Small restaurant

Address/Phone/Website – Pump Mill Road, Scarborough, Tobago; (868) 639-1522; Facebook Page

Trusted Reviews:

The New York Times lists Salsa Kitchen as one of the places in its “Where To Eat” Tobago section, saying ”for a casual evening, drive up a steep hill to Salsa Kitchen…a five-table cafe in Scarborough that serves tapas and fresh pizzas.” [New York Times, January 2009]

Check out Salsa Kitchen’s rating on TripAdvisor for Tobago’s Restaurants.

7 thoughts on “SALSA KITCHEN TAPAS RESTAURANT (Scarborough, Tobago)

  1. Hello

    I’m working on pictures for a BA/Tobago travel supplement to appear with the Guardian (UK newspaper) travel section on April 1st 201

    Salsa Kitchen will be included in the supplement as a fabulous place to stay

    I’m trying to get hold of professional high res images. Could you let me know who I should contact, please?

    Many thanks



  2. Paulita, you’re a boss! Even when we were flatmates 20 years ago and both dirt poor you always cooked something deeeelicious. I’m so glad that you’re realizing your full potential. You and Iain obviously make a briliant team.

    Love, Smiche.

    P.S. Now instead of asking us after every other bite if your food is good all you have to do is reread the article – after all these years you’ve finally got it in writing! : )


  3. When I visited Iain made me a drink I’ll never forget. Of course the food was sooo delicious; Paula has really outdone herself. I can’t wait to visit again 🙂


  4. It’s really heart-warming that some people appreciate the love and good vibes I add when I’m cooking. Thanks TriniChow. Although I must add that my husband, Iain Farquhar, is a great support and the life in the front-of-house of the restaurant, and he makes great rumpunches too!! ( and that garlicbread that looks a little out of shape…he is the breadman) Thanks Iain. So we look forward to welcoming everyone in our little home-style restaurant. Paula


  5. Trinichow, your photographs and descriptions of the food at Salsa Kitchen are so delectable that we plan on visiting them soon! Great work!! Long needed here. Thank you. J. Bennett


    • Thank you for the compliments, but the descriptions in the post you read earlier today are actually from Salsa Kitchen. (We can take full credit for the pictures though).

      Tonight, we added our update for this restaurant (see the three TriniChow UPDATE paragraphs and the What We Paid section) based on our visit this past weekend.


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