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Bracco Seco Cook-Out Fest: Oct 2, 2011

2011 Brasso Seco Cook Out Fest -Trinidad

The 2012 BRASSO SECO COOK-OUT FEST is Sunday, October 28th.  We will post more details when we receive them!

The 2011 Brasso Seco Cook-Out Fest is Sunday, October 2nd!

Where in the world is Brasso Seco, you might ask?

It’s a small rural village in Trinidad’s Northern Range or as a friend said, “oh you know Bracco Seco is that place most have never visited, but we all remember that one boy from secondary school who was from there.”

This is the weekend to get to Brasso Seco and your reward will be a village cook-out featuring local food like their famous Buccaneer smoked fish, chicken, pork and beef.  In this indigenous cooking process, the meats are seasoned, placed on a wooden branca over a slow fire, covered with banana leaves, and then the magic happens – water is slowly released from the meat as it absorbs the smoke flavour.

The Brasso Cook-Out Fest also will feature live parang performed by villagers, a hike on the lush Paria Trail and other activities.

UPDATES (Post-Event):

  • The Trinidad Express covered the 2011 Brasso Seco Cook-Out fest on Saturday, Oct. 8, 2011:
Brasso Seco Fest Picture in Trinidad Express

Brasso Seco beckons – Homemade coconut roast and fried bake with your choice of saltfish or smoked herring. And if that wasn’t ‘country’ enough, then wash it down with homemade cocoa and coffee grown and ground right before you.

WHAT: As the Ministry of Tourism said this is a “must attend event.” Witness ‘dancing the cocoa,’ tantalise your taste buds with buccaneer smoked chicken or explore the lush Paria Trail and visit the picturesque Mora Falls.”

WHERE: Brasso Seco Interpretive Centre, Brasso Seco, Trinidad

A Park & Ride facility is available at minimal cost: 6am -6pm – park at the Arima Bus Terminal Lay-By and the Arima Velodrome and take the shuttle services to Brasso Seco.

Slow Food Trinidad & Tobago are organizing a group to attend, check their Facebook Event post.

WHEN: 8am – 4pm, Sunday, October 2, 2011

  • Short Hike – “starts around 8:30am”
  • Lunch  – “starts around 11:30am or 12pm”

ADMISSION COST: FREE to enter the Fest

  • Hike – $40/person
  • Vegetarian Lunch($50) – Breadfruit Pie, Provisions, Fig Balls, Callaloo, Pigeon Peas and Fresh Salad
  • Regular Lunch ($60) – Buccaneer Smoked Meats (Fish, Chicken, Beef and Pork) & Vegetable Sides
  • Local food products like pastelles, homemade ice cream and wines will also be availabe for purchase.

CONTACT: (868) 722-7798

SPONSORS: Brasso Seco Tourism Action Committee; Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of Tourism


3 thoughts on “Bracco Seco Cook-Out Fest: Oct 2, 2011

  1. Hi Leona, here’s what we found out – as always the main event for the 2012 Brasso Seco Cook-Out Fest is the food, which will be on sale from noon and this is also when the Bucaneer smoked meats’ demonstration will occur. Food items for sale this year should include smoked meats, pastelles, sweets and ice creams, Brasso Seco estate cocoa and coffee. Local parang and cultural performances will likely be in the afternoon.


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