Special Event / Woodbrook

UPMARKET is this Saturday, Oct. 1st!

UPMARKET is back this Saturday, October 1st at the Woodbrook Youth Facility from 9:30am to 2:30pm!  (Click here for information on the November 12, 2011 UpMarket).

Get your taste buds ready for fabulous food finds, fresh produce, artisan breads, dreamy ice cream and more*:

  • DEL MANO – crafts traditional and Trini-style gourmet pestos from local ingredients like shadon beni and roasted melongene.
  • KERRY’S NICE & SWEET TREATS – serves Tobago’s beloved curry crab, curry shrimp and a curry conch deliciously complemented by pumpkin dumplings.  Check  Kerry’s event section on Facebook for full descriptions of these menu items. (BB Kerry’s to pre-order at 21E92EFC.)
  • LITTLE SLICE OF HEAVEN – offers up black cake samples for Christmas, pecan squares, Bailey’s white chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes and other yummy desserts
  • BEYOND VITALITY – sells fresh organic, non-GMO sprouts, homemade superfood granola, almond butter and hummus
  • DREAMY CREAMY ICE CREAM CO. – features Coconut Ice cream w/chopped peanuts and chocolate shell; Soursop Ice cream; Chocolate Ice cream w/chunks of M&M’s, Oreo cookies, chocolate chips and Hershey chocolate syrup; Vanilla; Coconut ice cream made from fresh coconut milk; Coconut ice cream infused w/fresh ginger.

*This is a partial list of UpMarket’s food merchants.  UpMarket also features non-food vendors selling everything from earrings to yacht charters; fun activities for children are also available.

UPDATE (Oct. 3, 2011):  Bring It to the Table blog visited the October 2011 UpMarket and posted a video  featuring several vendors including DEL MANOBEYOND VITALITY, and KERRY’S NICE & SWEET TREATS.

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