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LAUGHING BUDDHA (Port of Spain, Trinidad) – CLOSED

Billed as the only full-fledged authentic Japanese restaurant in Trinidad.

Cuisine – JapaneseSushi

Serving/Hours – Lunch & Dinner: Monday – Saturday: 11am – 3pm (Lunch) and 5pm -9pm (Dinner)

Features – Full service; Full bar

Address/Phone – # 86 Frederick Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad; (868) 627-0100

2 thoughts on “LAUGHING BUDDHA (Port of Spain, Trinidad) – CLOSED

  1. When I went to this sushi restaurant 8 years ago, it was my first experience eating sushi. Unfortunately, while their food was quite good, I must say that the customer service was easily the most appalling thing about this restaurant. Did you ever walk in to a restaurant, ask about an item, and the waitress just tells you flat out, “I don’t know”? There was an instance I was asking about a chef that I had bonded with when I ate there that went away, and I was told, “It’s none of your business.”

    I never went back to eat again, because it was apparent to me that the waitresses were inattentive and rude, and it was something that should not be encouraged, at all. They lost me as a customer, and judging from this business’ ‘Closed Down’ status, this has ticked off more customers than just me, enough to drive them out of business. Kaizan is now my homeboy in terms of sushi, and the staff is extremely pleasant and professional there.

    Wait that said, the only thing laughable about this Laughing Buddha restaurant is the awful service.


  2. I have to say I was quite impressed with the lunch here. I had a bento box, and while the teriyaki salmon was a bit overcooked the sushi was good. My husband had a platter that was delicious and price-wise it was extremely reasonable, the food coming up to less than $150TT. The cokes on the other hand were $10 a piece and we had 2 each (they were mostly ice, not much coke). We felt that was a little over priced. Definitely will return for lunch another day.


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