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NICE & SWEET (Tobago)

Kerry's Nice & Sweet Treats Tobago

Nice & Sweet Cinnamon Rolls

KERRY’S NICE & SWEET TREATS is a catering service offering delectable hors d’oeuvres, desserts and treats, as well as a special menu of curried seafood & pumpkin dumplings.

The hors d’oeuvre menu includes beef, cheese and potato pastries; puffs; croissants; mini spring rolls; jerk, garlic and buffalo wings; mini pizzas and samosas.

Meanwhile, Kerry’s dessert items will satisfy the sweetest tooth with a choice of truffles; chocolate clusters; chocolate lollipops, chocolate dipped fruits; cupcakes; and specialty cakes like rum, sponge, carrot, pineapple upside-down and cheesecakes.

NOTE: Today at 10am, we picked up a half dozen of Kerry’s cinnamon rolls.  Forty-nine minutes and one big bite later, we started writing this TriniChow listing because we had to extol the virtues of these cinnamon rolls.

By 11am, three people had devoured all six rolls (seven if you include the lil’ bonus roll Kerry graciously included).  In short, Kerry’s cinnamon rolls were exceptional, the perfect balance of moist exterior softness and most importantly, gooey cinnamon sweetness on the bottom of the roll.

Phone/Website/Email – (868) 790-8030; Facebook

Good to Know – Kerry’s Nice & Sweet Treats is located in Tobago, but also offers catering services for customers in Trinidad.

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