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COCOBEL CHOCOLATE (Woodbrook, Trinidad)

Cocobel Chocolates Trinidad



The sweet part is that COCOBEL starts (and luckily ends) right here in Trinidad.  Trinitario cacao beans are sourced from a local cocoa estate and then processed by COCOBEL from bean to bar.

COCOBEL’s final products are a luxury collection of dark chocolate bars and chocolate confections that incorporate local fruits, nuts and spices:

  • Bark – shards of chocolate sprinkled with crystallized ginger, toasted coconut & pineapple, or cranberries, apricots & almonds.
  • Bonbons – infused with local fruits and spices like gingerbread spice, chai, espresso, ginger rum, rich dark sorrel, ponche de creme, honey passion fruit, cashew coconut, or mango pepper.
  • Boxes – include multiple bonbons (from three pieces up to 25 pieces).
  • Cocoa nibs, Cocoa powder, Chocolate chips, 100% Baking bar, Market squares, Coated cocoa beans and Triple Chocolate cookies.

Phone/Website/Email – (868) 622-1196; Cocobel WebsiteCocobel Facebook Page;

Retail Outlets – Purchase directly from Cocobel via email at; Medulla Art Gallery (Woodbrook, Trinidad); Malabar Farms Gourmet Shop (Maraval, Trinidad)

Trusted Reviews & Articles on COCOBEL CHOCOLATES:

  • UWI Today said, “Open a box of Cocobel Chocolates and you face a delicious dilemma. Each hand-decorated morsel is such a work of art that it is as much a feast for the eyes as the palate.” [UWI Today, February 2012]
  • The Trinidad Express has a feature article on Isabel Brash on October 30, 2011.
  • The Jamaica Gleaner covered the 2011 Caribbean Fine Cocoa Conference & Chocolate Expo and featured COCOBEL Chocolates in a September 22nd article with a quote from Isabel Brash, “We have divine cocoa! You can only make good chocolate with good cocoa and I am blessed to come from a place that has fine cacao,” says Brash. “Our beans are sought after for their fruity and floral notes.” [Jamaica Gleaner, September 2011]
  • COCOBEL’s chocolates were actually given as a gift to “all guests from the US delegation staying at the hotel for the Fifth Summit of the Americas [were] presented with gift packages of Cocobel chocolates.” [Trinidad Guardian, April 2009]
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Punch blog has an informative post about COCOBEL along with several great pictures.
  • Essay by Isabel Brash here about COCOBEL Chocolates.

Check out our resource page about the local chocolate industry here in Trinidad and Tobago

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