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Aji Pepper Products - Trinidad

Courtesy, Aji

AJI CHILLI PEPPER COMPANY makes and distributes chili pepper-based products, crafted from a “blend [of] fresh local hand-selected hot peppers, herbs and spices to create a pepper sauce with a special, unique and lasting flavour, but at the same time imparting the right amount of heat.”

AJI’s signature products include the Trinidadian Pepper Sauce available in mild or hot; all products are all natural and contain NO preservatives, agents, artificial flavours, sugar or gluten.

AJI also offers gift boxes, which contain a hot and mild jar in a very attractive ‘carry’ box.  (Gift boxes are available at MALABAR FARMS.)

Phone/Website/Email – (868) 394-8278; Aji Chilli Pepper Facebook Page;

Retailers/Distributors – MALABAR FARMS (Maraval, Trinidad; PEPPERCORNS (Maraval & Westmoorings, Trinidad); BE FREE FOODS (Port of Spain, Trinidad); THE GOURMET GENIE (San Fernando, Trinidad); The Gallery (Long Circular Mall, Trinidad); House of Jaipur (Woodbrook, Trinidad); and several restaurants, including CHOP CHOPS GOURMET MARKET & BISTRO (Port of Spain, Trinidad) and TEXAS DE BRAZIL (MovieTowne, Port of Spain, Trinidad).

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