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Is T&T’s ‘bess’ pizza in Tobago?

Well, it depends on your definition.  If best = authentic, then the best pizza in our twin island nation is definitely in Tobago.  While Trinidad has several local and international pizza chains, authentic pizza is rarely found at a chain restaurant.

La Cantina Pizza Tobago

Pizzaiolo (Courtesy, La Cantina)

Tiny Tobago is actually home to two authentic Italian pizzerias – LA CANTINA (Store Bay, Tobago) and CIAO PIZZA (Scarborough, Tobago).

Both restaurants have real pizzaiolos making pizzas from scratch with high-quality ingredients and baking them in traditional wood-burning ovens.

Our other favourite spot for pizza in Tobago is SHORE THINGS CAFE & CRAFT (Lambeau, Tobago).

Shore Things isn’t a pizzeria but has a tasty mini-pizza on the menu with a housemade whole wheat crust and a marinara sauce dressed up a little with shredded carrots.

TRINICHOW TIP:  Forgo the unique local toppings – ketchup, mustard and pepper sauce – and try La Cantina and Ciao Pizza’s toppings like prosciutto, feta cheese, capers, artichokes, fresh tomatoes, spinach or even caviar.

SPECIAL NOTE:  We’ve heard good things about Trinidad’s newest restaurant serving pizza, CHOP CHOP GOURMET MARKET & BISTRObut we haven’t had the pizza there yet.  Let us know in the comments about your experiences there.


LA CANTINA (Store Bay, Tobago)

CIAO PIZZA (Scarborough, Tobago)


CHOP GOURMET MARKET & BISTRO (Port of Spain, Trinidad)

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