BAR CODE’s Friday Lunch is ‘Bess’ (Tobago)

Lunch Bar Code Tobago

Lunch, Bar Code (Tobago)

BAR CODE SPORTS BAR & GRILL is probably best known as the place in Tobago for parties, events, concerts and a busy bar scene.  But hear this, Bar Code’s most pleasant surprise is its special lunch on Fridays.

Think Sunday-style lunch like your auntie or granny makes – tender fish, chicken, pork or lamb with small sides of rice & stewed pigeon peas, several pieces of fried plantain, silky callaloo, macaroni pie, potato salad and a fresh green salad.

It’s not your typical lunch cooked at 10am, sitting until noon and then packed in a Styrofoam container to sweat.  Alicia, the chef with the sweet hand, cooks the fish and meats to order, while the rice & peas and macaroni pie taste like they just finished cooking. With a full bar, you can have a beer, glass of wine or a cocktail along with this tasty lunch.  If you’re in Tobago on a Friday, this should be your lunch spot!

The special lunch is only on Fridays, 12pm – 2pm; Arrive early because it may sell out; This lunch is best when you eat in, but you can also call ahead for takeout.  Click here for more information on BAR CODE.

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