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PAX YOGURT COMPANY (Trinidad & Tobago)

PAX Yogurt Trinidad & Tobago

Garlic Chadon Beni Yogurt Spread  (top) Yogurt Drinks  (bottom)

PAX YOGURT is made by the monks of Trinidad’s Mount St. Benedict, which is the largest Benedictine Monastery in the Caribbean.

The monks produce PAX yogurts in seven delicious flavours – vanilla, almond, guava, passion fruit, pineapple, soursop, strawberry and natural (plain).

The monastery also makes PAX Yogurt Drinks and a delightful Garlic & Chadon Beni Yogurt Spread.  (Click here for our picture gallery of Trinidad & Tobago’s dairy products.)

Address/Phone – St. John’s Road, St. Augustine, Trinidad; (868) 662-5813

Website/Email – PAX Abbey Website;

Retail Outlets – PAX yogurt products are sold in supermarkets throughout Trinidad & Tobago and are also available in the Pax Abbey Shop at Mount St. Benedict.

5 thoughts on “PAX YOGURT COMPANY (Trinidad & Tobago)

  1. what is the nutrition information for these yogurts? they should consider including them on the label, it would be very helpful


  2. best yogurt I’ve tasted, the passion fruit little sour but over all taste is heaven, have to taste the other flavours.


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