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Market Movers Trinidad

Courtesy, Market Movers

MARKET MOVERS is an online food delivery service that sells fruit; vegetables; dairy & eggs; meat & poultry; fish & shellfish; herbs & spices; and fresh juices (from the D’ Juice Man!).

A significant portion of the company’s produce is greenhouse grown, which requires fewer pesticides.  For example, Market Movers’ lettuce (one of the “dirty dozen foods with the most pesticides”) is grown aquaponically and is free of chemicals and pesticides.  Also, all meats are halal.

Gift boxes and baskets as well as a handy reusable bag for deliveries are available for sale and delivery.

Good to Know -$50 minimum order purchase for free delivery; Retail (i.e., consumer) delivery days are Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday; Wholesale deliveries occur from Monday to Saturday; All orders must be placed by 8pm the night before desired delivery day; Delivery currently only available in Northern & Central Trinidad; Chaguanas deliveries only occur on Fridays and Chaguanas orders that are less than $100 are subject to a $10 delivery fee.

Market Movers has a robust website for online orders along with recipes and a blog.

Get in Touch – Monday-Friday, 8am – 8pm; Saturday-Sunday, 8am – 1pm.

Phone/Websites/Email – (868) 221-5042; Market Movers WebsiteFacebook

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