Japanese / Late Night Hours / Open on Sundays / Sushi / Trincity / Vegetarian/Vegan Options

BENIHANA (Trincity, Trinidad) – CLOSED

Cuisine – Sushi; Japanese

Serving – Lunch; Dinner

Hours – Monday-Thursday: Lunch 11am – 2:30pm and Dinner 6pm – 10pm; Friday-Saturday, 11am – 11pm; Sunday, 6pm – 10pm; Sushi lounge is open all day Monday-Saturday.

Features – Full service; Full bar; Table-side service

Good to Know – Open on Sundays; Kids menu; Good for special occasions.

Address/Phone – Trincity Mall (Level 2), Trincity, Trinidad; (868) 640-0549 or (868) 640-9644

Websites/Email – Benihana Website; Facebook Page; benihanarestaurant.tt@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “BENIHANA (Trincity, Trinidad) – CLOSED

  1. I went to Benihana a few years ago and it was the most disgusting meal I have had in all 27 years of my life, including meals I cooked myself when I was now learning to cook and burnt everything, even boiled eggs. I have never been back and I discourage anyone i know from going there, even if they re-open I would never patronize them again.


  2. Visited your restaurant today and it was the most appalling customer service i’ve ever had. Not only did I have to wait 15 mins for my drinks order to be taken(even though my group was the only one in the restaurant at the time), AFTER i placed my order i had to wait an additional 15 mins to be told that there was no chef and there would be no chef for another HOUR or so. WHY ARE YOU OPEN IF THERE IS NO CHEF?? When i proceeded to tell your hostess RACHAEL, she gave me attitude and said she did not know there was no chef. umm ok, you are the hostess and you are serving people and there is no food? The only thing i could get according to her, was sushi which i ended up having reluctantly and ended up with SEPARATE bills for each sushi roll i had even thought i was at the SUSHI BAR! Benihana, you amaze me with your lack of customer service. I am astounded that you are still open after treating customers like this. Oh by the way, your waitresses were sitting down reading the papers when I was waiting for someone to take my order. You need to restructure your staff. Clearly there is something wrong with your service. I will not be visiting your establishment again and I will encourage my friends and family to do the same unless something is done to change your service. I hope this message serves as positive criticism. You need it.


    • Ha! Glad to see I’m not the only one who noticed how incompetent and rude the waitresses are. Ask them about the menu, “They don’t know”. They were cold towards me the first time I ventured into that place. There was a chef that was very friendly to me, so I often stopped by to say hello. One day he wasn’t there, and I asked the waitress. Know what she told me? “That’s none of your business.”

      What….WHAT restaurant worker says this to their customer? With that said, I left, and NEVER came back, even advising people to stay the hell AWAY from that place. Laughing Buddha is aptly named – it became the laughing stock of sushi and service in Trinidad, and eventually, it closed down. Serves them right.


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