Brunch / Caribbean/Creole / Open on Sundays / St. Anns

CHAUD CREOLE (St. Ann’s, Trinidad) – CLOSED

Chaud Creole Trinidad

Chaud Creole Trinidad

Serving exquisite local Creole-style food in very pretty and polished surroundings, CHAUD CREOLE is the one restaurant we repeatedly recommend to tourists and Trinbagonians alike.

Totally besotted with CHAUD CREOLE’s take on local food, we love to start with the creamy Sancoche Soup, which receives hefty dollops of  sweet corn, dumplings and provisions to the broth upon being served.  This tableside addition is welcomed because it ensures the soup’s vegetables and dumplings remain fresh and crunchy.

Main courses like the Beef Coconut Curry and the Fish Broquet in Creole Stew are equally well-prepared, paying homage to local favourites.  The Bhagi ‘Cook Up’ Rice, Macaroni Pie, Tomato Choka, Stewed Red Beans, Cinnamon Plantains and Dhal are standout sides, like your granny would make but with a lighter touch, courtesy of more subtle seasonings and flavours.

End on a sweet note with the Chocolate Mousse paired with Bene Ball Ice Cream.  This mousse hits all the right notes, but the lovely Bene Ball Ice Cream is a show stopper with its slightly-sticky texture and a major flavour boost from the crunchy bene balls.  (Click here for our latest Chaud Creole pictures from lunch.)

TIP – Try the Sunday brunch, it’s our favourite spot for brunch in Trinidad (link to Chaud Creole brunch pictures).

Cuisine – Caribbean/Creole

Serving/Hours –  Dinner (Monday-Saturday): 6pm-10:30pm; Sunday Brunch: 10am-3pm.

Features/Good to Know – Full service; Full bar; Outdoor seating available; Lovely Sunday brunch!; Free Wi-Fi.

Address/Phone – # 6 Nook Avenue, St. Anns, Trinidad; (868) 621-2002

Websites/Email – Chaud Creole Website; Chaud Creole Facebook Page;

Menu Links – Dinner Menu; Sample Brunch Menu (changes weekly); Drink Menu

Trusted Reviews:

The New York Times – “All the local favorites are on full display at this chic respite from the hustle-and-bustle, from souse (spicy pickled pig or chicken feet) to flour dumplings boiled in coconut milk, handmade rotis and curries galore.” [The New York Times, December 2011]

Anne Hilton from Newsday said, “I thoroughly enjoyed my creole lunch because it’s always a pleasure, a delight to eat local dishes cooked, as only he and his sous-chef know how – in Khalid’s kitchen where the food is subtly seasoned with local herbs, where it’s never too spicy (but has spicy condiments for you to add spice to your liking).” [Trinidad & Tobago’s Newsday, August 2011]

And, Hilton said that her return visit to Chaud Creole was a “feast of a lifetime of superbly cooked local dishes.” [Trinidad & Tobago’s Newsday, December 2011]

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