Chinese / Dim Sum / Late Night Hours / Party/Private Rooms / Port of Spain

KAM WAH (Port of Spain, Trinidad)

Cuisine – Chinese

Serving – Lunch; Dinner

Hours – Monday – Saturday: Lunch 11am – 2pm and Dinner 6pm – 10pm;

Features – Full service; Full bar

Good to Know – Take out is on lower level and Dine-in on upper level. Dim Sum is the first Sunday of the month 10am-2pm.

Address/Phone/Email – # 74 – 76 Maraval Road,Port of Spain, Trinidad; (868) 628-8888;

2 thoughts on “KAM WAH (Port of Spain, Trinidad)

  1. KamWah – if you are going through all the pains of renovations and an upgrade of the place, you should really invest in the training of your staff. It is appalling. With the new KamWah no doubt will be your new increased prices, but in this recession I am not paying more money for the same rotten service.


  2. The person in charge of pricing and customer relations for the fast line at Kam Wah needs to stop screwing over their customers. I purchase lunch almost every day and used to like using the fast line at Kam Wah because it was convenient.
    However, recently the portions have been getting smaller. Today, after being served a small spoon of chunky veg, I asked for less meat and more veg. The woman behind the counter said that she couldn’t do that, because she’s been told how much to dish out. If I am paying the same price, and I didn’t want more of anything – just a substitute – there is no reason that this request should not be doable. Furthermore, meat is generally more expensive than vegetables!

    Also, the ‘combo entrees’ prices do not include sides (which range from about 10-15 dollars or so extra). This means that a customer can end up paying upwards of 65.00$ for MSG laden food, mystery meats, and over processed sides. This is misleading, usually “combos” involve more than one item.

    Why do this to yourself when there are much cheaper, and likely healthier options all along Maraval Road? Places that do not have misleading price boards, who try to give their customers good experiences, and whose main objective is not to overcharge and gauge their clientele for sub par food.

    I am never going back to Kam Wah again, and I will tell everyone I know about my experiences there.

    Get your priorities straight, Kam Wah, if you alienate your customers you will just keep losing more business.


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