Gourmet Grocers / San Fernando

The Gourmet Genie (San Fernando, Trinidad)

THE GOURMET GENIE is the gourmet option for foodies in South Trinidad!

According to the Trinidad Express, this upscale grocery store sells “exotic cooking ingredients for a range of international meals as well as coffees, teas, decadent desserts, artisan breads, imported fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, sandwiches and smoothies.”

Sankar-Lakhansingh stocks the store with seasonal produce from abroad including pomegranates, arugula, bing cherries, cilantro and kiwis.  The Gourmet Genie also has organic food as well as gluten-free and diabetes-friendly products.

Hours – Monday-Friday, 9:30am – 5:30pm;  Saturday, 8am – 3pm

Address/Phone – SSL Building (Ground Floor), # 40 Sutton Street,  San Fernando, Trinidad;  (868) 221-2983;  (868) 356-8323; or (868) 683-8315

Websites/Email – Facebook Pagenalini@thegourmetgenie.com

Good to Know – Check the Gourmet Genie’s Facebook page for updates on new products or to place special orders.

Trusted Reviews

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