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CHAUD RESTAURANT (St. Anns, Trinidad)

CHAUD is the gem of Khalid Mohammed’s growing culinary empire in Trinidad with local and international restaurant critics calling it one of the best fine dining restaurants in the Caribbean.

Cuisine – International
Serving/Hours – Lunch – Tuesday to Friday: 11am – 3pm; Dinner – Tuesday to Saturday: 6pm – 10:30pm
Features – Full service; Full bar.
Address/Phone – #6 Nook Avenue, St. Ann’s, Trinidad; (868) 621-2002 or 621-3903
Website/Facebook/Email – Chaud Restaurant Website; Facebook Page;
Menu Links – Lunch Menu; Dinner Menu; Wine Menu; Cocktails Menu

Trusted Reviews:
Ocean Style Magazine asserted that “whether in Port of Spain (Trinidad & Tobago) for business or leisure, a ‘must visit’ for a gastronomic delight, is Chef Khalid Mohammed’s exquisite Chaud Restaurant.” [Ocean Style Magazine]

When Chaud opened Fodor’s said “style meets substance at veteran chef Khalid Mohammed’s latest gift to the local dining scene…and satisfaction is virtually guaranteed. It’s a bit pricey for frequent visits but well worth it for a special romantic evening.[Fodor’s]

5 thoughts on “CHAUD RESTAURANT (St. Anns, Trinidad)

  1. With reference to the article published in the Daily Express I’m applying for the position in the kitchen as assistant cook or any part there of. I am willing to attend an interview at your earliest convenience, thank you in advance.


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  4. I absolutely loved the ambiance and the food at this restaurant!

    My only problem with the prix fixe lunch menu is that it seems a bit misleading to me. No one informed us that we would have to pay extra for our beverages (water and juice). So where I was expecting to pay somewhere in the vicinity of $500.00 at most for two prix fixe meals (where 15% and 10% is added), I ended up paying approximately $600.00. Might not seem like much to someone else who is not on a budget, but I was pretty disappointed about it. That’s fine dining for you.


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