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“A Culinary Pilgrimage on an Island of Contrasts”

Trinidad “is one of the great eating towns in the Caribbean, the greatest of the Lesser Antilles, and the fount of some of the finest rum in the world.”

This quote comes from a great (but old) New York Times article, which lays out our country’s diverse culinary treasures.

Sam Sifton from the Times kicks off his food journey with breakfast at Port of Spain‘s BREAKFAST SHED (we know it’s now the Femmes Du Chalet since the UDeCott renovation, but it will always be the Breakfast Shed to us).

Sifton eventually makes his way to Maracas Beach and stops at RICHARDS BAKE & SHARK.  Later he visits TIKI VILLAGE in the Kapok Hotel, ADAM’S BAGELS in Maraval, ASPARA in Port of Spain, Woodbrook‘s VENI MANGECOCK’S BAR in Sangre Grande, and FIRST & LAST BAR in Upper Manzanilla.

Although some of the restaurants may be a little touristy, but the article is a decent primer for those unfamiliar with our rich culinary offerings and a great editorial advertisement for T&T.

P.S. – Don’t miss the article’s audio slide show.  Loved seeing our country in pictures through a foreigner’s eyes…

[The New York Times, October 2007]

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