Culinary Festivals and Events in Trinidad & Tobago

National Fruit Festival Trinidad Tobago June 2014Crazy for pelau, curry crab and dumplings, doubles or international food?

Check out our list of Trinidad and Tobago’s top annual culinary events.  The festivals and events listed below are held annually (current/past dates are included when possible and $ = Admission Fee).

Two ongoing events are worth noting – Trinidad’s monthly UPMARKET event at the Woodbrook Youth Facility, which brings together local food artisans and other vendors, and FANATIC KITCHEN STUDIO‘s kitchen limes, chef’s tables and cooking classes.


Culinary Fete (TRINIDAD) at TTHTI – February 21, 2014 – Billed as TTHTI’s annual Carnival fete, this event brings local food delights and live music from leading performers under one roof. Guests can sample Creole and Indian dishes, local sweets, cutters, condiments, and popular food & beverages. (Sponsor/Organizer – Trinidad & Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (TTHTI)) $


INDIAN FOOD FESTIVAL (TRINIDAD) at the Hilton Trinidad  – May 28th – May 31st, 2014.  Buffet dinner and live entertainment.  Reserve at (868) 624-3211.  Link to 2014 flyer.  $


NATIONAL FRUIT FESTIVAL (TRINIDAD) at Nu Image Simplex (North Road, New Grant) – June 20th-22nd, 2014 – The festival will feature an array of local fruits, a Best Chow competition, an aerobic competition, and more.  Link to flyer.  Free Admission.

DINING WITH THE SAINTS (TRINIDAD) – June 28, 2014 – Hosted by the St. Mary’s College Past Students’ Union and held at the College’s “Big Yard,” this fundraiser (featuring gourmet food and a complimentary bar) is a well-known intercollegiate culinary competition attracting the participation of local politicians and business leaders. Past student organisations of top secondary schools in North Trinidad participate in the competition. (Sponsor/Organizer – St. Mary’s College Past Students’ Union) $

T&T MANGO FESTIVAL (TRINIDAD) – June 29, 2014 -The festival features a mango market, a wide range of mango products, grafting demonstrations, children’s activities, games, competitions and other entertainment.  Link to details on 2o14 MANGO FESTIVAL  (Sponsor/Organizer – Network of Rural Women Producers Trinidad & Tobago) $

TOBAGO CULINARY FESTIVAL (TOBAGO)  Held at Pigeon Point Heritage Park, this is Tobago’s premier culinary event (and it’s at the beach!). “Festival patrons will be treated to cooking competitions, demonstration kitchens, bar and mixology competition, and of course the outstanding cuisine of restaurants and caterers from Tobago.” Contact (868) 639-2125 for more details.  (Sponsor/Organizer – THA Division of Tourism & Transportation)  Free Admission


QRC “Chefs Royal” (TRINIDAD) – QRC’s Chefs Royal is a popular fundraising event organized by Queen’s Royal College alumni.  A variety of local food is available and the QRC Old Boys’ Association invites all ‘chefs’ to demonstrate their culinary skills by presenting a dish at the event.  Live entertainment and prize giveaways are also featured. Link to 2013 event page. (Sponsor/Organizer – Queen’s Royal College Old Boys’ Association) $


Indian Food Festival (TRINIDAD) at the Hilton Trinidad – The Indian Food Festival treats guests to a celebration of authentic Indian cuisine, entertainment and culture at the Hilton Trinidad.  Link to Flyer.  (Sponsors/Organizers – Hilton Trinidad in collaboration with The High Commission for the Republic of India and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations) $

Angostura RUMLAND – Isle of Rum (TRINIDAD) – Rum, rum, rum!  An all-inclusive party not to be missed with top notch food, drinks, and live entertainment like Kes The Band, Karma, K.I., Iwer,Blaxx and more.   (Sponsor/Organizer – House of Angostura) $


Angostura Rum Festival (TRINIDAD) – This beloved three-day annual rum festival offers Angostura factory tours, cocktail competitions, live cooking demonstrations, a ‘Kitchen Master Challenge’ featuring local restaurants, and of course giveaways and prizes. $60 for a one day pass and $150 for a three day pass.  Link to 2013 Angostura Rum Festival event page on Facebook.  (Sponsor/Organizer – House of Angostura) $

Saute Trinbago (TRINIDAD) – 2014 DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED – Billed as a “culinary & cultural journey,” Saute Trinbago features the food and sounds of Trinidad and Tobago. Saute’s local food “flavours” for sampling include Curry Crab & Dumplings; Saheena, Aloo Pies, Pholourie, Biganie; Roti; Pelau; Sushi; Gyros; Chinese appetizers; Doubles; Geera Pork; Oil Down; Sancoche; Souse; Bake & Shark; Corn Soup; and a Sweets Station with sugar cake, nut cake, red mango, fudge, paw paw balls, jub jub and much more. (Sponsor/Organizer – Saute Trinbago) $


WORLD COCOA & CHOCOLATE DAY (TRINIDAD) – UWI’s Cocoa Research Centre hosts an annual celebration for World Cocoa & Chocolate Day “featuring the best of the chocolate-based cuisines and confectioneries; and a competition fostering innovations in incorporating cocoa/chocolate into food: “Innovations in Chocolate Cuisine: A Food and Beverage Challenge.”” The  2013 festival is 10am-6pm at UWI’s JFK Auditorium. Link to more details (Facebook event page) and our 2013 pictures.

BLUE FOOD FESTIVAL (TOBAGO) – 2014 Festival date is October 19th.  Celebrate Tobago’s unique blue food cuisine at the Blue Food Festival!  Guests are treated to cooking demonstrations and competitions, samples of local chefs’ creations, and entertainment by popular local performers and link to 2012 Tobago Blue Food Festival pictures!  (Sponsor/Organizer – THA Division of Tourism & Transportation)  Free Admission

World Food Day (TOBAGO) – Tobago’s annual World Food Day exhibition is a sight to behold with villages island-wide displaying prized produce alongside dishes made from local staple foods like dasheen and cassava. Live stock, poultry and fish products are also on display. Prepared food, fruits, vegetables and plants are available for purchase and live entertainers perform on both evenings of the two-day exhibition.

Oktoberfest at the Hilton Trinidad (TRINIDAD).   Enjoy an authentic Bavarian buffet, live entertainment nightly and more.  2013 Admission Price is $350 per person exclusive of tax & service charge.  Link to Facebook flyer.  $

CARIB BREWERY’S OKTOBERFEST (TRINIDAD) at Adam Smith Square on Ariapita Avenue.  ”Oktoberfest Village • Draft Beer • German Foods • Live Music!”  Link to 2013 Facebook event listing.  FREE ADMISSION.

Brasso Seco Cook-Out Fest (TRINIDAD) – This annual event represents hyperlocal culinary tourism at its best because it exposes unique local indigenous culinary traditions.  Festival guests can enjoy Brasso Seco’s food, sights and sounds via the village cook-out, a hike on the Paria Trail and live parang music performed by local residents.  Don’t miss the smoked meats! (Sponsor: Brasso Seco Paria Tourism Action Committee).  Link to the committee’s website.  FREE ADMISSION

Taste T&T (TRINIDAD)  EVENT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY. Taste T&T International Culinary Festival is the country’s largest foodie festival featuring the irresistible cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago. Local and international chefs are on hand to share their culinary techniques, cooking demonstrations and workshops, along with entertainment and other fun activities. (Sponsor/Organizer – Tourism Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago) $


Professional Culinary Classics (Trinidad) –  PCC is an all-inclusive culinary competition among chef teams from professional associations & businesses in Trinidad & Tobago.  Hosted by the Trinidad & Tobago Group of Professional Associations, “you can look forward to tasting the ‘sweet hands’ from the likes of ICATT, ISTT, UTC, Guardian Life and more.”  Link to 2013 Facebook event page and flyer.  $

T&T Drinks Festival – The “T&T Drinks Festival presents ‘Souk’ — A celebration of beer, spirits & wine, plus so much more. Drink different!”  The Trinidad & Tobago Drinks Festival is a breakthrough event celebrating beer, spirits & wine.”  Guests will stroll between tents laden with lights and lanterns, equipped with tokens to spend on the unique experiences waiting in every booth – dancers, mixologists, art, music and more.” Catch up with the T&T Drinks Festival at and on Facebook or  Twitter!

NOTE: All events and their dates and/or locations are subject to be changed and/or be cancelled.

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