Local CHOCOLATE Makers & Retailers in Trinidad & Tobago

Chocolate Trinidad Tobago

Chocolate of Trinidad & Tobago

Indulge your sweet tooth, GO LOCAL and support Trinidad & Tobago’s chocolatiers by purchasing local chocolate products, which include decadent chocolate truffles, dark chocolate bars, cocoa balls for making chocolate tea, chocolate liqueurs, and more.

GINA’S CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES – chocolate truffles and chocolate caramels (product line includes vegan truffles) - Sold at Malabar Farms Gourmet Shop (Maraval, Trinidad); The Happy Gourmet (Valsayn, Trinidad); Be Free Foods (St. James, Trinidad); Petit Gourmet (Port of Spain, Trinidad); Naughty Grape (Port of Spain, Trinidad); Okazions at Westmall; Stechers Fine Gift Stores (6 mall locations and Duty Free stores at Piarco International Airport); AhPiece.com.  Order directly from ginastrinidad@gmail.com.

TOBAGO COCOA ESTATE - fine chocolate bars (70%); chocolate balls for “chocolate tea” or hot chocolate (chocolate bars are made abroad) – Sold at Malabar Farms Gourmet Shop (Maraval, Trinidad); Moreshead Gourmet Supermarket (Mt. Pleasant, Tobago); Duty Free stores at both T&T airports.  Order directly from info@tobagococoa.com.   (Tobago Cocoa Estate chocolate bars are produced abroad.)

COCOBEL CHOCOLATES – dark chocolate bars, bonbons, chocolate bark confections and cocoa powder - Sold at Malabar Farms Gourmet Shop (Maraval, Trinidad); Medulla Art Gallery (Woodbrook, Trinidad); AhPiece.com.  Order directly from cocobelchocolates@yahoo.com.

HOUSE OF OLANDO CHOCOLATE - stone ground chocolate bars (70%) - Order directly from house.olando@gmail.com; Ciao Cafe (Scarborough, Tobago).

VIOLETTA FINE CHOCOLATES - chocolate truffles and chocolate mini-bars- Mini-bars sold at Ciao Cafe (Scarborough, Tobago); Truffles and bars at San Antonio Estate (Gran Couva, Trinidad); Order directly from violettachocolates@gmail.com.

EXOTIC CARIBBEAN MOUNTAIN PRIDE – drinking chocolate and chocolate liqueurs – Sold at many supermarkets, gift shops, and stores in Trinidad & Tobago.  Order directly from astrida_saunders@yahoo.com.

CACIQUE CHOCOLATES – chocolate truffles (product line includes sugar-free chocolates) – Sold at Malabar Farms Gourmet Shop (Maraval, Trinidad).  Order directly from caciquechocolate@hotmail.com.

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