Local CHOCOLATE Makers & Retailers in Trinidad & Tobago

Chocolate Trinidad Tobago

Chocolate of Trinidad & Tobago

Indulge your sweet tooth, GO LOCAL and support Trinidad & Tobago’s chocolatiers by purchasing local chocolate products, which include decadent chocolate truffles, dark chocolate bars, cocoa balls for making chocolate tea, chocolate liqueurs, and more.

CACIQUE CHOCOLATES – chocolate truffles (product line includes sugar-free chocolates) – Sold at Malabar Farms Gourmet Shop (Maraval, Trinidad).  Order directly from caciquechocolate@hotmail.com.

COCOBEL CHOCOLATES – dark chocolate bars, bonbons, chocolate bark confections and cocoa powder - Sold at Malabar Farms Gourmet Shop (Maraval, Trinidad); Medulla Art Gallery (Woodbrook, Trinidad); AhPiece.com.  Order directly from cocobelchocolates@yahoo.com.

EXOTIC CARIBBEAN MOUNTAIN PRIDE – drinking chocolate and chocolate liqueurs – Sold at many supermarkets, gift shops, and stores in Trinidad & Tobago.  Order directly from astrida_saunders@yahoo.com.

GINA’S CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES (Gina Artisan Chocolatier) – chocolate truffles and chocolate caramels (product line includes vegan truffles) - Sold at Malabar Farms Gourmet Shop (Maraval, Trinidad); The Happy Gourmet (Valsayn, Trinidad); Be Free Foods (St. James, Trinidad); Petit Gourmet (Port of Spain, Trinidad); Naughty Grape (Port of Spain, Trinidad); Okazions at Westmall; Stechers Fine Gift Stores (6 mall locations and Duty Free stores at Piarco International Airport); AhPiece.com.  Order directly from ginastrinidad@gmail.com.

HOUSE OF OLANDO CHOCOLATE - stone ground chocolate bars (70%) - Order directly from house.olando@gmail.com; Ciao Cafe (Scarborough, Tobago).

OMARBEANS ORGANIC – chocolate bars (plain, with cocoa nibs and coffee nibs and ginger when in season) currently available at Happy Gourmet in Valsayn, Gourmet Life in Chaguanas, Hilton’s Gift Shop, Malabar Farms and New Earth Organics. Truffle and bonbon boxes will added to the line-up for Christmas. Also available by order at (868) 753-1449 or email omarbean.organic@gmail.com.

TOBAGO COCOA ESTATE - fine chocolate bars (70%); chocolate balls for “chocolate tea” or hot chocolate (chocolate bars are made abroad) – Sold at Malabar Farms Gourmet Shop (Maraval, Trinidad); Moreshead Gourmet Supermarket (Mt. Pleasant, Tobago); Duty Free stores at both T&T airports.  Order directly from info@tobagococoa.com.   (Tobago Cocoa Estate chocolate bars are produced abroad.)

VIOLETTA FINE CHOCOLATES - chocolate truffles and chocolate mini-bars- Mini-bars sold at Ciao Cafe (Scarborough, Tobago); Truffles and bars at San Antonio Estate (Gran Couva, Trinidad); Order directly from violettachocolates@gmail.com.

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4 thoughts on “Local CHOCOLATE Makers & Retailers in Trinidad & Tobago

  1. Add Sun Eaters Organics https://www.facebook.com/suneatersorganics. Find our products at: Artie’s Gourmet shop in Diego Martin, Malabar Farms in Maraval, New Earth Organics in Woodbrook, Cascade Mini Mart in Cascade, Happy Gourmet in Valpark, the duty free M Store in the airport, Vanilla Bean in Cunupia, Gourmet Life in Chaguanas and Shore Things in Tobago. We also take direct wholesale orders for weddings and other special functions.
    call us at 868.326.7631 if you have any questions
    Diana cell: 868.377-8633
    347.501.9999 if in the USA and please leave a message
    contact Gillian: gilliangoddard at yahoo dot com
    contact Diana: dclyne at me dot com
    contact Lasse: bridgebuilder at email dot com

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