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BELLA ON THE AVENUE (Woodbrook, Trinidad)

BELLA On The Avenue Trinidad

Seafood Paella at Bella (Trinidad)

BELLA ON THE AVENUE opened its doors in August 2012, giving the bustling Avenue another stylish place to lime and more importantly, a new restaurant with great food.

This week we made it to BELLA for a first look and vowed to return again.  Short on time, we ordered from the prix fixe lunch menu, starting with a small salad and an absolutely delicious Cream of Tomato Soup that was full of texture, flavour, and so pretty we almost didn’t want to eat it.

Next up were BELLA’s generously portioned entrees – Raspberry Glazed Breast of Chicken with Sauteed Cassava & Vegetables and a Seafood Paella with a Tomato Concasse.  Both dishes were wonderful, the tender chicken breast was livened up with a slightly sweet raspberry sauce and balanced by savory sides of veggies and sauteed cassava (loved the use of a local ingredient here instead of oft-used Irish potatoes).

But for us, this meal was all about the scrumptious Seafood Paella!  BELLA elevated this traditional Spanish dish with the use of risotto (rather than rice) and charitably stocked it with roasted tomatoes, shrimp, calamari and other fruits of the sea.  Sadly, we had to rush off before we could sample the dessert menu and BELLA’s much-buzzed about cocktails, next time though!   Link to all our Bella lunch pictures.

Cuisine - International

Address/Phone - Corner of Ariapita Avenue & Belle-Smythe Road, Woodbrook, Trinidad; (868) 622-6233.

Serving/Hours – Lunch & Dinner: Monday-Saturday: 11am-12 midnight; Closed Sundays.

Features/Good to Know - Full service; Full Bar; Outdoor seating available; Prix fixe lunch menu.

BELLA Facebook Page/EmailBella’s Facebook

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5 thoughts on “BELLA ON THE AVENUE (Woodbrook, Trinidad)

  1. I dined at this restaurant for the first time yesterday. I rated this establishment a “Poor” for the following reasons:
    No toilet paper or soap in the female restroom. This was an immediate sign to me that this restaurant is not striving for international excellence.
    My order of water and a fruit punch arrived at the table after the main course was served, after requesting it for a second time.
    The trifle I ordered was full of alcohol yet there was no mention of this ingredient inthe menu. I am pregnant and therefore I could not eat it

    I have to say that the food tasted good.but given the lack of attention to hygiene in the restroom I couldn’t help but wonder about the conditions under which it was prepared.

    • Well Keli-i, I must agree with you somewhat. My second visit to this establishment was nothing like the first (see my post dated April 9, 2013). I also am pregnant and I could not finish my appetizer (vegetable soup) because it was soooo salty.
      My next problem is that the service was not at the level I left it…albiet that it was a different server this time. She refused to smile or even seem polite and she even rolled her eyes once! Could you believe that?
      Anyway, I sure do hope that this is juts a one-off (or probably two-off) kind of scenario, because I’d hate to think that this is the tumbling rock that signals the avalanche. I really like this place and I sure do hope that they remain my glimmer of hope in a Trinidad filled with bad/poor/distasteful customer service.

      • This just goes to show how meticulous our restaurants NEED to be (especially in fine-dinning). Always be on point, because your customers’ service charges are never waivered, at least in my experience. The day that your neglect something (TP and hand soap in this case) you let your guard down and you piss off some (paying) customer(s).

  2. Just when I thought that there was absolutely no place in Trinidad that could deliver the international standard of customer service, BELLA absolutely surprised me! Our server’s name was Joverne and she was so very polite and professional. The ambiance is simple yet elegant with a sufficient balance of natural lighting.
    Our 3 course menu was nothing short of excellent and was so generously served that I had to have my dessert on take-out (rich, moist chocolate cake – just the way I like it!). I must also mention that the price (of the prix fix luch menu) was a big factor in choosing to dine there, very competitive and relatively affordable – worth every cent.
    Been there only once so far but I think I love it! Will definately be back.

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