Chaguaramas / International / Open on Sundays

SAILS RESTAURANT & PUB (Chaguaramas, Trinidad)

Word is that Trinidad’s SAILS RESTAURANT & PUB is all about the view and the baby back ribs!  And, it’s true, this waterfront restaurant serves up finger-licking-good ribs and an expansive view of Chaguaramas Bay.

Situated at the Power Boats facility in Chaguaramas, SAILS has the trappings of a typical boatyard restaurant — a very casual setting and an American-style menu of seafood and steak entrees alongside appetizers/sides like salads, chicken wings, wedge fries and fried cheese sticks.

Take our advice and bypass the fried fare and start with the creamy Callaloo Soup ($32) and Mussels ($68).  Great choices for entrees include the tender, meat-falling-from-the-bone barbecued Baby Back Ribs ($105 for a half-rack) and the King Fish Supreme with garlic butter ($165), both flanked by huge baked potatoes and side salads.  Vegetarians can try the Veggie Plate ($62) and we promise that you’ll be too stuffed to even consider dessert.

Update (August 2012) – We checked out the Sunday BBQ night at SAILS RESTAURANT and loved it!  Many BBQ ribs, grilled grouper, a very tasty ratatouille, fresh salad and mashed potatoes were consumed and thoroughly enjoyed while we watched the sun set and ‘limers’ returning from down the islands.  BBQ Night Menu is here.  

See all our Sails Restaurant pictures here.

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Cuisine: International

Serving: Breakfast (Saturday and Sundays, 8am-11am); Lunch; Dinner

Hours: Monday-Friday, 11am – 10pm (bar open until 12 midnight); Saturday-Sunday, 8am – 10pm (bar open until 12 midnight).

Features/Good to Know: Full Service; Full Bar; Wednesday is Kebab Night; Saturday and Sunday are Grill Night (steaks, fish, chicken, lobster, etc)!

Address/Phone/Website: Chaguaramas, Trinidad; (868) 634-1712; Sails Restaurant Website & Menus; Sails on Facebook

6 thoughts on “SAILS RESTAURANT & PUB (Chaguaramas, Trinidad)

  1. Sails has become so disappointing. lost reservations, long waiting time for food thats hit or miss, servers who need more training… It used to be a favourite place of mine but I just cant see my self going back.

  2. had a birthday breakfast at Sails with my friends, enjoyed the ambience
    will definitely return. Highly recommended

  3. Sails is my all time favourite eating place. I love the laid back ambience and the food is great. Reasonably priced and lots of it. The margaritas are well worth the wait. Will recommend this place to anyone who will listen to me go on and on and……you get the picutre.

  4. Sails is the ultimate eating/liming place.Simple,no-fuss,no-hassle-I think this is called a minimalist approach.Nothing minimal about the experience especially at nights.The ambience is so ,so ,well foreign!That is the best I can do.You feel like you are in a different place because all you see and experience is sea,boats of all kinds,individual lights moving through the darkness,people coming and going in boats which dock next to where you are liming,a pulsating energy of the people as they embark/disembark or as they sit and order from the delicious menu.The Seafood platter for two is excellent.Leaving Sails is leaving an oasis of good food,great ambience,relaxed atmosphere and going into……reality.

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