CHRISTMAS Menus for at Home: Recipe Roundup


Ponche de Creme, Shore Things  (Tobago)

The recipes for these main dishes, sides and desserts are perfect for Christmas lunch or dinner. (Link to our 2013 roundup of Christmas menus for restaurants in Trinidad & Tobago)

Recipe links are primarily compiled from local newspapers, food bloggers and chefs in Trinidad and Tobago:





  • Bryden’s Trinidad Wine Club has wine pairing tips for your Christmas pastelles, Spanish rice, turkey, ham and salads.
  • TASTE Christmas (CNC3 TV) is a local cooking show hosted by Chef Ian Rooks on Tuesdays at 8pm.  The shows offers up great holiday menus like a Fruit & Walnut Stuffed Pork Loin w/Sorrel ReductionSweet Corn & Ham Quiche w/Pineapple Chow Chow; Ginger Infused Vegetables w/Rosemary Butter Sauteed Sweet Potatoes; and Banana Tempura w/Ponche Creme Anglaise.  Link to Taste Christmas Episodes from Season Two.
  • Christmas Cooking with Khalid (2011) was on local CNC3 Television Mondays @ 9pm and it was a fantastic show to watch for Christmas menu ideas.  All the shows (and the recipes) can be viewed online.  Here’s a menu that we really liked from the show — Pomegranate & Honey Lacquered Duck Breast; Garlic Herb & Sauteed Shrimp; and Green Bean Salad w/Toasted Almonds & Cranberry Vinaigrette.
  • Cynthia Nelson’s of Taste Like Home (cookbook) is offering a special Christmas Edition of December’s TASTES MONTHLY recipe newsletter. Link to more information on free newsletter.

We’ll keep adding them as we find them, so check back for more Christmas menu recipe links.

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