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Specializing in brick oven pizzas with toppings like housemade lamb sausage, lobster, goat cheese or fresh spinach, CHOP CHOPS GOURMET MARKET & BISTRO serves some of the best pizza in Trinidad.  Rejoice, rejoice, there’s gourmet pizza with high-quality ingredients in Trinidad!

Check out our CHOP CHOPS’ slideshow below or view more pictures on Facebook.

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CHOP CHOPS ‘ menu also features soups like Shrimp ChowderRoasted Vegetable and Pumpkin; hearty salads; and chef’s specials like the Herb Roasted Chicken w/Roasted Potatoes & Salad; a North Indian Lamb Curry served with basmati rice & mixed greens; and a Bavette done in Tomato, Mushrooms & Leeks.  (Menu link is below.)

On our first visit to CHOP CHOPS , we enjoyed the fall-apart tender Braised Lamb Shank ($145), which was served with mashed potatoes & vegetables (carrots, sweet red peppers, red onions and fresh mushrooms (not ‘fresh from a can’ as we were told in another restaurant)).  We washed  it down with a pomegranate Fresh Ginger, Ginger Ale ($20), an imported soda made with real ginger that’s totally worth its haughty price tag.

Cuisine - International; Pizza

Serving/Hours - Lunch & Dinner; Monday – Thursday: 11am – 9pm; Friday – Saturday: 11am – 10pm.

Features – Full service; Full bar; Private dining room upstairs available for large groups.

Good to Know – Offers a take & bake option, entrees are prepped to be cooked at home; Email to be added to their mailing list for specials and updates; Check out Chop Chop’s special pizza deal – $49 for cheese pizzas and pepperoni pizzas are $59 (VAT inclusive), Monday-Friday, 2pm-5pm.

Address/Phone – # 43 Mucurapo Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad (Two doors from Horizons Art Gallery); (868) 628-5555 or (868) 622-8989

Website/Menu/Email – Chop Chops Facebook Page; Chop Chops 

Trusted Reviews: 

Newsday’s Anne Hilton liked Chop Chops so much she returned for the lamb shank (which we also love) and raved, “Then came the pièce de resistance — the lamb shank, with meat so sweet, so succulent, so tender it was falling off the bone…the roasted vegetables, the hint of wine in the sauce, the perfect creamed potatoes were the ideal complement to the meat. This was a dish I shall not soon forget.” [Trinidad & Tobago’s Newsday, November 2011]

Newsday’s Anne Hilton enjoyed Chop Chops’ soup and pizza – “my favourite was one called “The Switch” with arugula or spinach, mushrooms, roasted grapes, red onions and mozzarella.  I raved, I still rave over the taste of that pizza, to me it was pizza perfection… I’m very glad we had that shrimp chowder with the added subtlety of a few delicate, lacy cilantro leaves to enhance the taste.”  [Trinidad & Tobago’s Newsday, February 2011]

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2 thoughts on “CHOP CHOPS GOURMET MARKET & BISTRO (Port of Spain, Trinidad)

  1. Friendliest and most helpful person was the security man who helped us park.

    Unfortunately, the staff inside lacked the attentiveness, friendliness and general people skills he demonstrated.
    Had to get up and ask for drinks after we had been sat for 20 minutes.
    If the table next to us (who arrived later) were not already tucking into pizza & beer, it may have been less annoying.
    When a woman gets visibly angry with me when, 15 minutes after I order my pizza, she tells me there is a missing key ingredient so (as it has not been cooked) I scrap it and ask for a beer (as my dinner guests have an engagement to get to) I cannot help but wonder what I have done wrong….did I fail to order stock? did I fail to correct the menu or tell someone something is unavailable? did I shout at or abuse anyone? No, No & No. I just changed my order and asked for a beer.
    Did I get it? What do you think?
    I expect to order, eat and drink, then pay. That is the premise.
    Serving is hard work and I do not look to make waiters’/waitresses’ days harder, but when you ignore and scowl at customers you can only expect them not to come back.

  2. I dined here yesterday with my husband and another couple…I called Chop Chop’s earlier to find out what time they were closing and the female who spoke to me on the phone was quite unfriendly…this unfriendliness continued when we got there….we stood waiting to be seated and when the waitress finally decided to walk over to acknowledge our presence, she stood there chatting with the other waitress and then suddenly looked at us and said, “I told you that you could go upstairs!”. Wow.
    Since we were already there, and quite hungry, we decided to stay.
    The pizzas we had were very good (zeus and the pork sausage) but the pasta left much to be desired…there was literally so much sauce floating in the bottom of the bowl that it looked like pasta floating in half a bowl of soup. The lamb meatballs were also under seasoned.
    At first I thought I would go back since the pizza was so good, but I would actually prefer to go somewhere else since there are now so many other options available (with friendly service!) for “authentic” Italian pizzas.

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